Lanessa Lehr


I can do all things through him who strengthens me.My favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13;

This verse reminds me God is always with me, whether in worship or my day to day life. 

I have been involved in the music ministry of River of Life since 1983. At an early age I enjoyed playing the piano and singing in the children’s choir. At Benson High School I sang in choir and was a percussionist in the band. It was then I began to play the organ, playing for services and accompanying the adult choir.

Presently I lead music for River of Life’s blended worship, a combination of historic hymnody and contemporary music led by organ, keyboard, and a praise team. While my role as a leader of worship has changed over time I pray our music praises God and brings joy and meaning to the hearts of worshippers. 

Outside of church I work full-time as a kitchen manager at an elementary school. I am married with three children so there is always activity in our home. We enjoy going on walks, playing games, or just relaxing in the back yard.

Contact Information:
Phone: (402)689-9745